Bridges Out of Poverty

At Main Street Mission as we came to the realization that we needed to do more than simply give out food we looked around for something more that we could do. With the help of Alexis Coleman we found ou about the Bridges Out of Poverty Program. Anne and Hope attended a training session and worked with Alexis who had gone through the training program. As we started implementing the program it became apparent to us that this was a program that could work in China Grove. We have now graduated three classes and we believe that this program has had a significant impact on those that have completed it.

The Bridges Program consists of two interelated programs:

1. Getting Ahead Classes

Getting ahead classes are for those living in financial insecurity. We select candidates from the neighbors that receive food from Main Street Mission. The classses last for 8 weeks and cover time cover topics like how to manage a checking account, how to look for a job and the hidden rules of the middle class. The participants not only learn the materials that they are presented but more importantly they learn that there is someone that has taken the time to help them. Each class forms a community that helps each other as they move forward. Read More about Getting Ahead

2 Bridges Training

We present Bridge training to volunteers that want to work with our Getting Ahead classes or those that are interested in learning how to deal with people that live in insecurity. If you do not have a job, a drivers license and suffer from phisical or mental impairments life can be a struggle. Bridges training teaches the volunteers to stand in someone elses shoes and not be judgmental. Upon completion of the training the volunteers are united with the getting ahead graduates and Hope Teams are created. The Hope Teams work together with getting ahead graduates and help them as the make their way forward