Moving Ahead

Moving Ahead as we expand to help our Community

This is the Short lede

We are expanding in order to better serve our community

Have you ever felt alone or isolated even when people are in close physical proximity? This feeling often leads a person into a deeper downward spiral. At Main Street Mission, we have met and continue to meet people who have lost hope. Our mission continues to be a “safe place” or “common ground” where all are welcome around the table. Many people that come to MSM are often in desperation and don't feel worthy to even step in church doors. This is where MSM serves as an extension to our local churches. Through our current classes we already see how when people begin to feel better about themselves we are able to plug them into local congregations. As we move forward with plans to enlarge our space with our new property next door, we envision a space and place where relationships are developed, resources are shared, educational opportunities through Bridge Builders classes and training as well as offering nutrition classes and maybe even opportunities to learn a new craft. There are endless possibilities and reasons to gather as neighbors of one community.

We are asking you to join us in our efforts to create a place that everyone will be proud of and share in the benefits of a healthier community where no one would feel isolated, dignity is preserved and people are empowered to live an abundant life. “With God all things are possible"