Getting Ahead Classes

The getting ahead classes

"Sometimes I still need help, but I am moving forward." Getting Ahead Participant

We have completed 3 Getting Ahead Classes. It is always so amazing to see the new connections made as we gather around the table to investigate life together and begin to see a future story. I only wish each of you reading this could know the precious people in our classes as we have the opportunity to do. I asked several grads to share a brief response about their experience in Getting Ahead. Perhaps their words will demonstrate the importance of this initiative far better than I could share.

"I have discovered through the Getting Ahead Experience that in life you cannot expect people who you have grown up with and known most of your life to be able and understand and relate to you when you are dealing with great overwhelming instability. They have not had to go through the thought process of fears, uncertainties and needs that you have at this particular point in your life. That's where having a group of people coming together to meet on a weekly basis adds a great amount of power to the motions and emotions you go through when faced head on by so many different issues." Lori

"I think that learning that there are people that do care about the fact we're trying to get ahead and are helping us with tools and knowledge was the best part for me. I always felt judged and I still battle that feeling but I now know there are people who realize I am pushing myself to be better. Sometimes I still need help, but I am moving forward." Anita

"It helped me connect with people in the community that I may not have ever known and the resources that come along with Getting Ahead are great!" Roxanne

Much thanks for your continued prayers and support!
Gratefully serving,
Hope Oliphant

If you would like to provide a meal for one of our Monday evening classes we would welcome any help! Please contact me to sign up. or 704-798-5929