Puzzle Pieces

We are moving forward with plans to renovate the former laundromat and like a giant jigsaw puzzle the future of MSM community food pantry and the Building Bridges Initiative is unfolding before our eyes. We know that God's hand is carefully placing each piece. The puzzle has come together with all the pieces landing in the right place at the right time.

It is humbling to witness this glorious unfolding. People have come forward to offer their special gifts and talents. Some people are guiding us through the planning stages while others are ready to offer needed leadership and resources once the construction is complete. Our goal is to offer a combination of resources to allow our neighbors to have the opportunity to live a more stable and abundant life. Our long term goal is healing for all of our neighbors and community through shared brokenness. The result is a picture of fruitfulness lived and shared in a loving and thriving community.

Faithfully serving together,