What does it take to lead a Stable Life?

It takes resources. It takes knowing people that have resources or people that know people that have resources. If you have ever searched for a new job, you know it takes networking with family and friends, and friends of friends. I am a person who has always had access to networking possibilities. My family knows people, and we have a large extended family that knows a lot of people. This is important if you are looking for work, looking for a doctor, lawyer, church, mechanic or car. I did not realize until I began working at Main Street Mission that there are many people who do not have the privilege of having a good support system in place. I did. I do. Others do not. This knowledge of resources is a powerful gift to others. 

We learn in Bridges Training and in the Getting Ahead Class about the 11 resources. In order to live a stable life, you must have at least 8 of these resources in place. Most of our Getting Ahead participants have 3-5 of the 11 resources. 

The 11 resources we learn about are:  financial, emotional, mental, language, social capital, physical, spiritual, integrity and trust, motivation and persistence, role models and knowledge of Hidden Rules.

After each Getting Ahead Graduation, the graduates want and need more time together to learn how to build their needed resources. This is how we will use our existing food pantry facility once the food pantry moves into the newly renovated building (old Laundromat).  New volunteers are reaching out and offering the gift of leadership to help build resources, such as the emotional resource through Writing to Heal class.  We are excited for the opportunities ahead, and together we can build a building to build resources to build our community! 
Join us to Build!~Anne Corriher